“I strongly recommend RJ Handley as an addiction recovery coach.  He has strong people skills which include an unusual talent for active listening.  RJ also has the gifts of insightfulness and articulation which come from his ability to process information on a deep level.  Last but not least, he has a wonderful sense of humor which helps others to relax and not take themselves too seriously.”   ~Dr. Rebecca Sheill Willson, Psychotherapist.

I have been meeting with RJ for a few months now and in that time he has given me tools to use on a daily basis. Tools not only to deal with my addiction, but to deal with LIFE. It’s not all about putting down the bottle…there is so much more to it, and I am grateful to have found RJ and to have his beautiful, patient guidance as I begin to navigate this new way of living. My life has done a complete 180, and RJ has been there with me through it all. He is kind, patient, compassionate and strong. He is present when we are together and I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to work with him. He’s my spiritual gangster and I am full of gratitude for the work we are doing together. Thank you, RJ!!!       ~Kim K.

Last year after having gone through many difficult experiences, I knew I needed professional help to guide me through. In desperation, I googled the Ten Top Counselors in Aurora.  I found RJ, and he had an intuitive sense of the causes and solutions of each issue we dealt with. Over 5 decades of meeting with several Counselors, I saw progress almost immediately with RJ and was able to deal with what I thought were hopeless problems in ways that made so much sense. I am able now to use the principles I learned on a regular basis. I would highly recommend him.    ~Patty S.

RJ is a kind, empathetic, and patient coach who had a real commitment to helping me reach my goals. RJ has a talent for deep listening and for meeting you where you are right now and guiding you in your recovery journey. His non-judgmental and honest guidance was a real help to me.   ~Dianna V.,  LPC