I love what I do!

And I’m good at it.

There is no greater satisfaction for me than to be a part of the joy and connection that my clients experience in all facets of their lives through the work we do together.

Right now, you may be feeling that life for you is like living in a nimbus cloud.  It’s nothing but gloom, doom, and isolation.

I know where you are because I have been there myself.  But you don’t have to stay there.  Join me and I’ll take you to a place of wonder and awe beyond your addiction.

Kim K: “I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to work with RJ. He’s my spiritual gangster and I am full of gratitude for the work we are doing together.” 

Sit with me for a complimentary, no pressure session and we’ll talk about your struggles with addiction.  I work with people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction as well as behavioral addictions like food, porn, and gambling.

Dr. Becky Sheill, therapist: “RJ has the gifts of insightfulness and articulation which come from his ability to process information on a deep level.  He has a wonderful sense of humor which helps others to relax and not take themselves too seriously.”    

Together, we will create a personalized plan for you that combines the best of evidence-based psychological techniques with the principles behind effective and lasting recovery.

I provide one-on-one confidential treatment so that you can conquer your addiction and take command of your life.   Our work will be done in private so you don’t have to risk your reputation by attending public meetings like AA.  Neither will you suffer the sky-high costs or the need to take a leave from home and work as you do with rehab.

Patty S: “RJ helped me gain many new insights. I saw progress almost immediately and was able to deal with heretofore hopeless problems , in ways that made so much sense.”

My articles on addiction/negative habits have been published in the The Fix, Addiction Unscripted, Medium, and the AA Grapevine.

We can meet in person or through Zoom.

Credit cards and checks accepted.

What my clients often experience in 12 sessions:

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